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5 Reasons You'll Want To Eat In Queens

"If the world cooks it, you can probably find someone here who makes it."

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1. Food Trucks

Scattered throughout the borough, Queens, NY has food trucks serving food from several different cuisines, including Asian Barbeque, Himalayan/Nepalese, Latin American, Greek, Venezuelan, Italian, Mexican, and so many more. Not only is the food quickly made and cheap to get, but the food is authentic-- something that's not always easy to find.

2. Food Festivals

Facebook: QueensTaste

The borough has more food festivals than you'd expect. From the Queens Night Market, featuring Israeli, Haitian, Burmese, Trinidadian, Taiwanese, Chilean, Italian, West African, Filipino, Persian/Middle Eastern, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisines, to the annual Queens Taste events (shown above), displaying samples from over 30 different restaurants and vendors, you will be bound to find a food you like if you visit one of these events. Both festivals are located right at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and have hundreds of attendees.

3. Food Tours

What's a better way to get a taste of Queens in just one day? A 3 hour food tour, of course! You can meet in Long Island City for tour including French, American, and Italian cuisines at five different locally run locations, or join a tour of Jackson Heights/Elmhurst to eat at 8-10 restaurants featuring food from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Korea, and many more. Not only will you leave satisfied, but also amazed at the variety of food in Queens.

4. Food Markets

Want to cook some authentic Indonesian recipes? Greek? Thai? Simply spend a day in Queens and you'll be preparing food from every ethnicity. Visit Thai Thai Grocery in Elmhurst for frozen grasshoppers and Thai basil, or Titan Foods in Astoria for authentic Greek foods, such as canned grape leaves and over a dozen of olive varieties. This is just a fraction of the selection of markets, including ingredients from Indonesia, Korea, Ireland, the Phillipines, Japan, and Yugoslavia. You'll be having a lot more variety in your meals than just burgers and pizza.

5. Neighborhoods

Within Queens, there are many neighborhoods that each have their own distinct type of food or cuisine that is served. An obvious one is Flushing, home to hundreds of restaurants with cheap and delicious foods of Asian origin. Stop by Corona for Italian, Mexican, and Latin American restaurants, Astoria for Greek, or even Little India in Jackson Heights for authentic Indian dishes. Wherever you choose, the choices will be endless and they will without a doubt share one characteristic: authenticity.

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