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The REAL Squad Quiz

This the real life, actual squad quiz. take it with extreme caution and care to find out exactly who you are!

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  1. What's your outfit of choice?

    lax penny and boxers
    leggings and a tshirt
    athletic wear
    anything but flip flops
  2. What would you give up a left toe for?

    To go to an Indian wedding
    Getting driven 20 feet so you don't have to walk
    Going on an African Safari
    Travel back in time to the 80s
    getting Yoda (your mom's french bulldog) for a few hours
  3. What's your go-to karaoke song?

    I'm a Flirt (Remix)
    I'm a Slave 4 U
    Mr. Brightside
    Something To Talk About
    Pour Some Sugar on Me
  4. What movie do you watch when you want to believe in love again?

    Best Of Me
    Crazy, Stupid, Love
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    Love doesn't exist, movies aren't real
  5. What's your preferred method of exercise?

    Bicep Curls
    Running after a car in order to get a ride
    Roller Blading
    Cardio, Weights, Biking, Swimming, Waking up at 6 am, Anything, you name it
  6. What's your drink of choice?

    Gin, lots and lots of gin
  7. How do we get food on campus?

    I have an rcard
    Steal it
    Go to campus center and hope someone you know is there
    bring your own prepared food
  8. What's your Favorite saying?

    You bet your sweet ass
    I take other people's sayings
    Here's the thing
    Grind don't stop
    Hubba Hubba
  9. What's your life goal?

    Live on a boat
    Save the government...or own a coffee shop in Seattle
    Marry a doctor
    Travel the world
    To have visible abs and also go to every continent
  10. What Song Lyrics have changed your life?

    "Percocet, Molly Percocet...Chase a check, never chase a bitch"
    "jai ho"
    "Building with bent nails were falling but holding"
    "Today is where your book begins, and the rest is still unwritten"
    "And you love like you've always been lonely"
  11. What's your spirit animal?

    Geico Lizard
    Honey Badger
    Ring-Tailed Lemur
  12. Who's your celebrity crush?

    Jared Leto
    Jared Leto
    Michael B Jordan
    Michael B Jordan
    Dave Franco
    Dave Franco
    Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt
    Season 2 Michael Scott
    Season 2 Michael Scott
  13. What's your favorite feature?

    My bodacious badonk
    My eyebrows
    My Half-smile
    My Hair
    My teeth

The REAL Squad Quiz

You got: $am

Congrats you got Sam which means you're most likely a person who likes to both work hard and play hard. You are one for burying yourself in a physics basement for hours and then when you emerge you are always up for a chill sesh ? or ready to tackle a 12 pack of BLL. When you are lonely.. NO FEAR.. you have your trusted sidekick Pickles to keep you company.

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You got: KatZADDY

Congrats, you got Kat! This means that you are the kind of person who likes to stay quiet, process everything around you, and then RIP. When you are not in the library, you are probably on the soccer field, getting out all your aggression. You like to spend your nights watching The Best of Me, periodically taking breaks to creep on the people walking by your house

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You got: Lil Momma Mack

Congratulations, you got Mackenzie! This means that even if you have your phone on you, you probably won't respond even if someone was dying. You love nesting in your room and imagining your life in another country because you can't wait to get the heck out of college. You can also bet your sweet ass that you will let people know when they're being an imp. XOXO, Auntie Mackie

Lil Momma Mack
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You got: P-Diddy

Congratulations, you got Paige! This means you're the kind of person who is generally pretty content with yourself, if not slightly conceited. When you aren't scoring free food and gear from being a women's golfer, you're always up for a good cry. You're the kind of person to cruise around in the smallest car known to man, without a care in the world.

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You got: Carl

Congrats, you got Carl! That means you are the kind of person who is up for a theatrical night, (Big Daddy's anyone?!). You have a test? No matter, you are the kind of person who will always do "pretty good" despite your lack of effort. You are frequently seen perusing the aisles of Gamestop. You are NOT frequently seen walking anywhere. You will do just about anything for a ride, unless.. "wait Maddie wants to hang out, gotta run..."

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