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Why You Should Go To Community College

With the due date for applications to your colleges approaching, this is why community college is the way to go:

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1. It's cheaper

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This one should be obvious, if you go to a less-expensive college, you'll save money. (Unless of course, you have a full prepaid tuition to a four year school, then wow. That's actually awesome, like go you!) But not everyone is as lucky as the kids in the AP classes. For some their options are extremely limited, whether that be for monetary reasons or another, community college is the best bet.

2. It gives you more time to prepare for the real world

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According to a YouthTruth survey on College Career Readiness, less than half (44.8%) of 165,000 high school students feel positively towards their college and career readiness. That means that the majority of high school students feel unsure, or negatively, towards their college or career preparedness. That's why community college is a must for undecided students. It gives the student more time to figure out what they want to major in, and where they want to go after community college.

3. Closer to home

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Unsure if you want to stay in-state for college? Test out community college, that way you are close to home if any emergency arises, or if you get a little homesick. Also community college gives the feel of adult responsibility with the ability to go home any time you want. However, if you want to leave home ASAP community college may not be right for you, as only about 25% of two-year colleges have dorms, according to the data collected by the American Association of Community Colleges.

4. Loans are WAY less annoying at community college


Ahh.... good ol' fashion student loans, every graduating high school senior's worst nightmare. Why be terrified about how you'll ever be able to pay back your student loans, if you can cut them in half?? If you go to community college, you won't have to pay for the two years of your bachelors degree (that means two less years worth of student loan debt).

5. and finally...People are WAY more chill at community college

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Mostly, due to the fact that we don't have to worry about our parents disowning us if we get lower than a B+ on our midterms. RIP to all of you guys.

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