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Oct 2016
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    carlym2197 commented on What Do You Wish You Were Taught About LGBT Sex In School?

    Honestly i just wished they had taught us more about different sexualities. I always thought my only two options were straight or gay, so i figured the girls i thought were pretty were just people i wanted to be friends with, because i definitely liked men as well. Up until my senior… 

    5 years ago

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  • carlym2197's avatar

    carlym2197 commented on How Has Your Dog Embarrassed You?

    When my dog was a puppy he would bolt out of the house every time we opened the front door. One day he ran out too quickly and we couldn't catch him. He ran right into our neighbours backyard, where they were hosting a get together, walked up to our neighbour and peed right on his… 

    5 years ago

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