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Just 18 Funny Tumblr Posts

Because you can never have enough Tumblr.

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1. So very articulate:

2. Potato chips are relatable to every situation ever.

3. 'Are ya ready kids?' 'Aye aye captain!'

4. Anyone??

5. You can never be too careful...

6. Life is hard, tbh.

7. Don't tell me how to live my life.

8. Excuse YOU Martha.

9. Honestly #blessed that our life isn't as hard as Kim's:

10. The simplest questions are sometimes the hardest:

11. Honestly though:

12. Can we just let her live??

13. You might want to reconsider:

14. Mamma Mia is always applicable:

15. A genuine "Thanks Obama:"

16. We're getting concerned...

17. Don't really want to know:

18. Silly me:

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