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17 Times The Kardashians Perfectly Summed Up Your College Experience

"I need to be antisocial and really buckle down."

1. When you have an 8 a.m. class MWF:

2. When you have an hour or two in between classes:

3. When Friday finally comes around:

4. When you get your midterm grades back:

5. When you realize you need to start getting your life together:

6. Literally any time someone asks about post-graduation plans:

7. When it's Thursday and you want to go out but you also have homework:

8. When none of your friends want to go out:

9. When you realize maybe you shouldn't be going out five nights a week:

10. When you're getting behind on all your favorite shows because of actual school work:

11. When you text your parents and ask for money:

12. When the stress of the day really gets to you but you have priorities:

13. When you and your friend are drunk at happy hour:

14. When you recount your weekend ~activities~ with friends on Sunday morning:

15. When you have more than $20 in your bank account:

16. When you have one too many tequila shots:

17. And when you end a night out the best way possible:

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