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Your "Game Of Thrones" Boyfriend

Their life expectancy is not great, but there's a hunk for everyone on this show.

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Jon Snow

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Jon is clearly the brooding type. He's got some family issues, so he's always trying the better himself to prove to his father Eddard that he is good enough. He's sensitive and compassionate, and protective. He only fights when he has to, but he is fierce with a sword.

For you if: You're looking for a dedicated partner, or a sucker for puppy dog eyes.

In modern day: He's that guy from art class, or the dude in Starbucks with a KONY 2012 shirt on.

Tyrion Lannister

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Tyrion has confidence for days and his wit is definitely a turn on. He's pretty popular with the ladies so capturing and keeping his attention could be difficult. He's looking for a challenge. Behind his tough exterior Tyrion is a softie with severe daddy issues and an ultimately peaceful soul. He's going to chase your fiercely, but may not call you after.

For you if: You have daddy issues, too.

In modern day: He's the guy at the bar surrounded by dudes in football jerseys, but he's in a casual white tee drinking a Stella Artois.

Jorah Mormont

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Jorah is the guy you've known since you were young. He's become and advisor and confidant, but he's smoking hot. You already trust his opinion, so why not take him out of that evil Friend Zone? It's obvious that he's pining for you... to everyone, but you.

For you if: You wept at one of those "Friends With Benefits and There's No Strings Attached" movies, because it was basically your life.

In modern day: You're probably going to send this to him with the title "LOLZ I LOVE GoT" while he quietly sobs.

Robb Stark

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Robb's got it going on. He's devastatingly handsome, smart, loyal, and he is a true believer in love. So naturally, he's a bit of a Mama's Boy. He is quick to defend his family and goes to great lengths to protect his people. Robb is the type to sweep you off your feet, and may be hard to let go of.

For you if: You're ready for a whirlwind romance and are strong enough to hold your own against his mother.

In modern day: I imagine this is who Ryan Gosling is in real life.


Jaime Lannister

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Jaime is super complex. He is very close to his family and carries an arrogant sense of entitlement. However, deep down he does care for others and he just needs a lady willing to put in the effort to melt that hard shell.

For you if: You're one of those women who still thinks she needs to "fix" someone.

In modern day: He's that beautiful jerk on the football team for a private school and his dad is most likely a Senator.

Theon Greyjoy

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Theon is constantly searching for approval from others. He craves power and respect, but he goes about earning it in the wrong ways. He's used to being the sidekick, so when he's in the spotlight he's a bit awkward. You're going to have to build his confidence, but he could end up being the ideal partner. Sorta.

For you if: You don't mind letting him think he's the boss.

In modern day: He's wearing sweatpants on a date, because his friends told him it was cool.


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The only way to describe Bronn is bad ass motherf****r. He's a phenomenal fighter and takes out competitors with ease. That might sound scary, but Bronn is also hilarious. He has the ability to see the humor in the most horrific things. He's going to beat up every guy that looks at you, but doesn't that sound kind of sweet?

For you if: You don't mind drama, or constantly being kicked out of bars.

In modern day: He's the guy that always has a toothpick in his mouth, for no good reason.

Joffrey Baratheon

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Joffrey is a slimy, scummy, disgusting, and greasy dirt ball. He thinks he's much more interesting than he is and constantly let's you know that he's in a position of power. He'll remind you that you are lucky to be seen with him, and will try to turn you on to his cruel and sadistic ways.

For you if: You have absolutely no moral compass, and hate yourself.

In modern day: If Satan and Donald Trump had a love child, it's this little shit.

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