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Don't Confuse Frozen With Disney's Frozen

When picking out a movie the whole family will enjoy don't get these two classic titles confused!

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I can see why people could confuse these two movies, because of their similarities. Disney's Frozen was released in 2013 and tells the tale of two sisters and has adults and kids alike singing all around the world. The first Frozen was released in 2010 and directed by Adam Green. It may not have had be people singing, but surely it affected the audience that saw it.


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There has to be drama! In the Disney flick Anna's heart is beginning to turn to ice and her friends are desperate to save her. In Green's Frozen three friends are abandoned in a chair lift high above a mountain. Who's heart freezes faster?!

Strained Relationships

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Anna and Elsa have hit many a rough patch. Sometimes Elsa's powers unintentionally hurt Anna and her guilt leads her to run away.

Parker is stuck with her boyfriend Dan and his best friend Joe. Parker has been trying to impress Joe and he is having none of it. Things can get awkward fast when there's absolutely nowhere to go!

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