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The Friends Character You Completely Forgot About

Did you notice this double appearance while binge watching on Netflix?

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He played the stoned guy that took our breath away.

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The One with the Stoned Guy:

Jon played Steve, a restaurant owner and friend of Phoebe, who was looking for a new chef. Monica cooks a gourmet meal for him to show off her skills, but Steve is too stoned to even know what's happening.

Well, in Season 9 he comes back to us and it's just as glorious.


The One with the Blind Dates:

Phoebe and Joey set up horrible dates for Rachel and Ross in hopes they'll go back to each other. While Ross' date doesn't even show, Rachel is graced with Phoebe's old friend STEVE who "lost his restaurant to drugs" and is now even more of a stoned mess.

Connect the dots for yourself and watch:

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