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18 Puppy Pooches That Will Change You Life

There's no ignoring the pooches on these pooches.

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1. This pooch that needs a quick lift

2. This pooch that just wants to be tickled

3. The guilty pooch digesting a piece of your shoe

4. This pooch that's reaching for the stars

5. Double the pooch, double the fun

6. The snuggle pooch

7. The pooch with the case of the Mondays

8. This pooch that can't even

9. This pooch that couldn't be happier

10. This perfectly shaped pooch

11. This silky soft pooch

12. This pooch that's proud of his pooch

13. This pooch carrying ALL the sass

14. This fuzzy wuzzy pooch

15. This pooch still digesting all the cookies from the cookie jar

16. This pooch that just wants to be free

17. This pooch playing peek-a-boo

18. This pooch that's about to bust out of his car

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