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Which Member Of The Babe Cave Are You?

Which roommate are you?

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  1. In the apartment you can find me...?

    Crying at Twitter Videos
    Watching Law and Order
    Trick question- I'm never at the apartment
  2. If I die young, bury me in...?

    Slimz Sauce
    Ginger fried rice
    Chicken Nuggets
  3. It's the day before a test and you are...?

    Pulling an all nighter at Mullins
    What test?
    Sleeping cause you already studied duh
    Going to bed early to wake up at dawn to study
  4. Describe your dream profession in two words

    Soundcloud Rapper
    Dog Whisperer
    Kanye West-er
    Chopped Judge
  5. If your were a bath and bodyworks candle you would be:

    Bubble Baths N Regret
    Eighth shot of Espresso
    Squeaky Clean Crocs
    Freshly Graded Scantron
  6. Your go to outfit is...?

    Yeezys and a Pablo Shirt
    A nice, fancy pair of scrubs
    Plaid robe and a Party Pony
    Rich Suburban Mom Attire
  7. What is the Name of your car?

    Cookie Monster
    Bad Bitch Martha
  8. What can you not function without?

    Rap Music
    Sugar Cereal
    Golden Retrievers
  9. #RUSH

    Tequila Shots
    Food Network
  10. If you were a dog you would be a...?

    Black pug
    Golden Doodle

Which Member Of The Babe Cave Are You?

You got: Carly

Congrats!! You are the most hip mom at the country club. You love Cheerios more than any boy, and will probably walk down the aisle to the Law and Order theme song. You can be found hitting the whip in your cool whip, Todd, in the carpool line.

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You got: Dory

Congrats!! You are the coolest fish in the sea. You love dusting off your shiny red crocs and racing up and down MLK in Ethel, praying she does not break down in the Mangos drive thru. Bobby flay is the only boy that makes grilled chicken and your heart melt.

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You got: Molly

Congrats!! You are the baddest of the H-town Baddies. You love chicken nuggets so much that you can often be found cursing the Pop Eyes employee that dared to give you only one sauce with your 5 tender meal. You know more Kanye Lyrics than bible verses, but it's okay because Yeezus is your religion. Rush Varsity House.

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You got: Ashley

Congrats!! You're a dogtor (and you didn't even have to go to vet school). You can often be found locking your door to take naps in peace, with everyone's favorite Golden Retriever. You love trips to Wally World for queso and will probably marry a Keurig.

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