7 Disney Characters That Would Also Make Lame Winter Storms

With most of the country now over the effects of Winter Storm Nemo, we can reflect on what other Disney characters and properties would have also described how weak and over-hyped this “blizzard” was.

1. Winter Storm Iago

A storm known for its shrill voice and complete tactlessness on Twitter.

2. Winter Storm Zoot

Like Nemo, no one really knows why he’s here or what he does. They are also both burnt out and tired.

3. Winter Storm Kocoum

So ineffectual and lame, Pocahontas chose a pasty, white puritan guy over him.

4. Winter Storm Jar-Jar Binks

Completely unnecessary, unwanted, and just a little offensive.

5. Winter Storm Hunchback of Notre Dame

So terrible, we have to make stuff up about it just for you to care.

6. Winter Storm Shenzi

A hyena with the voice of Whoopi Goldberg is both irritating and dangerous, just like a snowstorm.

7. and finally… Winter Storm Nemo

Because nothing strikes fear into the hearts of North easterners than a handy-capable clownfish with daddy issues.

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