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    A Collection Of Curious Words From The Welsh Language

    Discover some of the unusual terms offered to the world by the Welsh language. Contains pronunciation guides and popular culture references!

    Dwarf + Dog = Corgi

    Brad is the pits

    Hollywood: four words.... Welsh: one word

    Useful time-related term


    Cappuccino / Pyjamas / Ffilm / Blog / Bidet

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    Like any other modern language, Welsh borrows the best words in other languages - from Europe and beyond.

    Don't bother asking somebody from Wales what 'cappuccino' is in Welsh. They're likely to respond, 'well, what is cappuccino in English?'.

    Here’s champion poet Rhys Iorwerth and his ode to the joys of the household bidet (which starts at 1:05 in the video).

    The rhythms of Welsh poetry


    Welsh surnames that begin with 'P' and 'B'

    As easy as A, B, C, CH