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Cerebral Success Review: SmartX Rebuilt From The Ground Up

SmartX was wildly successful over the past few years as a "brain pill" and nootropic (mental function enhancer). Cerebral Success is the rebuilt version of SmartX with all the bells and whistles plus a bit more!

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Cerebral Success is widely popular and so does its product SmartX. You can say that these both are the same thing. If you follow the show Shark Tank on ABC, then you must have watched an episode with the CEO of Cerebral Success. In that episode, Cerebral Success received investment from one of the sharks, Barbara Corcoran. Their site had been really popular among masses and they added some new ingredients in the Cerebral Success, ultimately reintroduced the popular Cerebral Success as a new product SmartX.

Cognizin is a new addition in Cerebral Success…

Since Cerebral Success has been introduced, cognizin is the newest addition in its formula. Cognizin is a popular and branded from of citicholine. So with this new addition, Cerebral Success became SmartX. This citicholine is nothing but a cheaper and better form of Alpha GPC. For this reason, it's a key ingredient in many brain supplements including Alpha Brain.

However, with this addition its no better than the previous formula. So revisiting our old review of Cerebral Success, when it was first launched it had no solid standing in the market initially. Now SmartX with this new addition is getting lots of negative reviews on Amazon, because they are selling it with fraudulent tactics and marketing strategies. We can't say much about it, however you can read those reviews yourself on Amazon.

Pros and Cons:


•New addition of Cognizin to the formula

•New website is proving more information

•Still a reputable and effective formula


•Its new ingredient Cognizin is a cheap Citicholine

•May pose health risks in the long term

•Its considered not as effective as other newer forms of nootropics


Though SmartX is an augmented form of Cerebral Success, but it delivers poorer results than Cerebral Success. So despite the new addition and revamping of its website, we have found its not as good as the previous one. As we already mentioned in our old review of Cerebral Success that it was reputable, but revisiting it now declares that SmartX with all its improvements is not improved and cannot hold the market for long. Being marketed towards the students, it's a good start for them before using products with severe effects.

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