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12 Things Only Nurses Understand

Nurses, this list will definitely resonate. Apply now for a nursing career at Carle, because real rockstars wear scrubs.

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1. When a patient thinks they're shocking you with their symptom.

2. When a patient asks how big the colonoscope is.

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro / Via BuzzFeed

3. When you have to catch up on charting and someone interrupts you.

4. When a med student takes the last donut from the lounge.

5. When you're fully aware this is what your patient thinks of you.

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6. When you thought you were gonna miss your favorite TV show during your night shift, but then your patient is watching it.

7. When none of your friends want to hear about your day.

8. When your friend asks how long your lunch hour is.

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9. When your friends complain about their 9-to-5 jobs.

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10. When a kid sticks something insane up his nose.

11. When your friends ask you if Grey's Anatomy is realistic.

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12. And most of all, how incredible it feels when a patient fully recovers.

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