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The 17 Most Ridiculous Sneakers That Have Ever Happened

The good ones look like toasters. The bad ones are worse.

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Sneaker design is normally pretty straightforward.

1. But every now and again someone tries to change the game.

Take for example, the Adidas Kobe Two from 2001.

These were the last sneakers Adidas released for Kobe before he jumped ship to Nike, and were the sequel to a shoe based on the Audi TT.

They look like a pair of your grandpa's slippers crossed with a super yacht, and Adidas got one of the biggest players in the NBA at the time wear them. Dem grapes must've been mighty sour in the design room.

2. Skateboarder Dave Meyhew is behind the Osiris D3 design....

...and was probably surprised by how well it sold back in the day.

Look at that huge, heavy design that swallowed feet whole. Many a teenager skater had to stuff socks under the tongues to get them to fit.

3. Air Jordans keep getting weirder and weirder. The XVs took the term tongue a little too literally.

It's waggling right there in front of you.

4. The XXs offered an ankle strap and a lace sheath.

5. Before the XXVIII's tried to hide laces altogether.

6. Reebok hate your shoelaces too.

Or maybe everyone's really concerned about you getting them in dog poop.

7. Jeremy Scott's Adidas designs are unorthodox at times.

Adidas / Via

8. And cause internet hubbub at others.

Adidas / Via

9. Fancy some hypnotic colour ways?

You couldn't look away from the Reebok Shaqnosis. It mesmerised you.

10. How about this road hazard themed Adidas EQT Elevation?

Adidas / Via

11. What about something zebra inspired?

Reebok Big Hurt. Named after the feeling the colourway will bring about in onlookers.
Reebok / Via

Reebok Big Hurt. Named after the feeling the colourway will bring about in onlookers.

13. How about sticking your foot in a boxing glove?

You can thank Kid Cudi's collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti for this.

14. Airwalk Jims brought new meaning to the term "tennis shoe".

Fuzzy felt? Why not!

15. While former NBA player Latrell Sprewell tried added some extra mobility to your kicks.

16. The Reebok ATV is a rather robust running shoe.

Unfortunately it looks like an alien growth on the bottom of your shoes.

All terrain = all kinds of design questions.

17. But it just seems like regular soles are on their way out now.

Adidas / Via


Adidas / Via


Adidas / Via


Adidas / Via

And then remember we have seven months left for Nike to release the shoes from Back to the Future.

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