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    Here's Why Chelsea Were Better Before All The Cash

    Winning games with charm, flair and Gianfranco Zola. What's not to love?

    Chelsea have won the Premier League again.

    Clive Mason / Via Getty Images


    Mike Hewitt / Via Getty Images

    The best team in the league won without even really trying this season.

    Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

    Led by probably the best manager in the world.

    Paul Gilham / Via Getty Images

    And probably the best centre back around for a captain.

    Julian Finney / Via Getty Images

    Of course, Abramovich's millions means there're many more trophies to come.

    Alex Livesey / Via Getty Images

    But don't you ever miss the days when Chelsea weren't swimming in Scrooge McDuck moolah?

    Ben Radford / Getty Images

    1. Remember when Chelsea were terrible, but they were fun?

    Alex Livesey / All Sport / Via Getty Images

    2. Classic Chelsea.

    Victor Drees / Express / Via Getty Images

    The FA Cup winning Chelsea squad of 1970.

    3. When they had a bit of charm.

    Graham Chadwick / Allsport / Via Getty Images

    4. Before Stamford Bridge became a corporate paradise.

    Flickr: leguan001 / Via Creative Commons

    5. And had players you could like.

    Allsport UK / Allsport / Via Getty Images

    6. That you could sing songs about.

    Gary M Prior / Allsport / Via Getty Images

    Big Gianluca got a whole tune dedicated to him after sinking Manchester United back in '96.

    To the tune of "Amore".

    "When the ball hits the back of the Old Trafford net, it's Vialli!"

    7. And pretty much fall in love with.

    Alex Livesey / Allsport / Via Getty Images

    8. The days of their plucky underdog wins?

    9. The days when their battles with Barcelona were entertaining, and epic?

    10. Kits were better back in the day too.

    Hutton Archive / Stringer / Via Getty Images

    Ron "Chopper" Harris with the European Cup-Winners Cup in 1971.

    11. Look at Paul Canoville in 1984.

    David Cannon / Allsport / Via Getty Images

    12. Chelsea kits haven't been the same since losing Autoglass as a sponsor.

    Phil Cole / Allsport / Via Getty Images

    13. Sure, they went 50 years without winning the league.

    Reg Burkett / Hulton Archive / Via Getty Images

    14. But that made you appreciate it so much more when they did win something.

    Adrian Dennis / AFP / Via Getty Images

    15. And they did it in style, too.

    16. Remember when Zola made Jamie Carragher do the hokey-cokey?


    That's how you bow out from the Blues.

    17. Supporting Chelsea back then might not have led to so many trophies.

    Steve Bardens / Getty Images

    18. But everyone knows 1-0 is the worst score.

    19. So it really wasn't without its charms.

    Ben Radford / Allsport / Via Getty Images

    20. After all, does anyone really love the current team? What would you prefer, this?

    Clive Rose / Getty Images

    21. Or this?

    Adrian Dennis / AFP / Via Getty Images

    22. What have you got to lose? You still won European trophies.

    Ben Radford
    Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty Images

    23. You could still play the same teams.

    Ben Radford / Allsport
    David Ramos / Getty Images

    24. Still be better than Manchester City.

    Ben Radford / Allsport
    Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

    25. You can even keep on having a git for a captain too.

    Michael Steele / Allsport
    Glyn Kirk / Getty Images

    26. As well as a hated chairman.

    Clive Rose / Getty Images
    Richard Heathcothe / Getty Images

    27. Let's go back to the good old days. Come on.

    Phil Cole / Allsport / Via Getty Images

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