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16 Ways To Describe That Friend You Hate

They're not a "character", they're a jebend.

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Everyone has a friend who’s a bit of a twat.

You know the one.

Yes you do.

Stop pretending.

There. That one.

Right, let's list all of the ways you describe that mate to people who don't know him.


5. What you say: "They like a gossip at times."

What you mean: "They are completely unable to keep their mouth shut."


7. What you say: "They never really got over the end of Britpop."

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What you mean: "They will talk to you at length of how things were better 'back in the day' in the most obnoxious way possible."

10. What you say: "They're a right laugh down the pub though."

What you mean: "They're a constant source of bad decisions. Also, once the booze ends, the fun does too."


12. What you say: "They have a weird sense of humour."

What you mean: "Prepare to be offended a lot. Your life will turn into a living hell."