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These Are The Receipts From Drake's Transformation Into A London Roadman

We just need you to bring OVO fest here for 2016...

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We gotta talk about Drake turning into a London roadman.

For the past year, Drake has slowly morphed into someone you could easily bump into in North London.

Drake been waiting his whole life for this beard so he can rock tracksuits and look like he from Edgware Road

About nine months ago, he revealed his love of Channel 4 crime drama Top Boy.

And he's run with it ever since.

Name checking a few grime legends...

Becoming close friends with Skepta...

"This tape would not be possible without @Skepta." - Drake.

And even rocking Stone Island garms.

Drake's fashion game is full of nods to greatness.

It's utterly glorious.

"@M_Yesilada: “@MoAhmed93: Drake needs to be stopped. He fully thinks he's a London roadman 😂 ” @OweeenPowers


Look at him switch up his accent.

It's almost like to make up for not playing Wireless last year, he's made it his mission to become one of us.

The best thing about it is you know that none of it is forced.

Drake's hometown of Toronto has a large West Indian population, making for a street slang that's pretty similar to that of certain areas of London.

Drake's not copying anyone, he's just being him.

He really does appreciate grime culture.

Drake a full UK roadman now, reppin Boy Better Know. We accept you Drizzy 👌🏾

And in bringing out Skepta last weekend for his Wireless set really shows he has a love of London and the scene.

He might have even recorded his new album here...

@WordOnRd Drake says he's sticking round London for a week or two to work on Views From The 6 🙌🏼

Why else was he chilling in Abbey Road with Willow Smith?

So stay a little while longer in London, Aubrey. Enjoy our tennis...

Keep hanging out with top boys like Didier Drogba.

And keep hanging out in places when they're shutdown.

After all, you said it best yourself...

Big up the UK mandem.