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21 Reasons '90s Kids Will Never Forget "Round The Twist"

There was once an episode with a propeller penis. Seriously.

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1. Firstly, there was that catchy as hell theme song.

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"Have you ever? Ever felt like this?"

3. Then there was the completely bizarre story plots.

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Like the time Pete got cursed by a ghost dog and had to end every sentence with "without my pants."


8. And if the children weren't getting with spirits, they were stumbling on spirit babies.

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Memorable episode The Cabbage Patch Fib saw Bronson learn about the birds and the bees by finding cabbages babies growing in his back garden.


9. Then there was the propeller willy episode.

Come to think of it, quite a few episode of this series had to do with penises.

11. Linda Twist once helped sort out this Prince Charming transformation.

This one is from The Ice Cream Man Cometh. Prince Charming here could make ice cream come out out his nose.


14. Slightly less heartwarming was second episode Birdsdo.

There's also a dragon involved in this one. But what really stuck in the mind was all of the poop.

15. It wasn't just bird poo that was a plot point...

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Little Black Balls saw the entire town of Port Niranda sift through goat droppings to find a opal.

Poop and penises. Round The Twist had you covered.

16. Remember this particular bit of nightmare fuel?

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This haunted scarecrow came from Know All, where the Twists found an old trunk of circus clothes that gave them memories of their former wearers.

Apparently one of these was an axe murderer....


20. But enough of all that, let's get back to that catchy theme song.

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