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    23 Sneaky Things That Everyone Who Played Videogames In The 90s Did

    No Oddjobs please.

    1. Made a friend use your weird unofficial player two controller, that you only bought because it was cheaper.

    Namco / Via

    "It's my house so I get to be player one." = "I want to use the good Playstation pad."

    2. Picked Oddjob on Goldeneye multiplayer.

    Rare / Via

    He was just that little bit too short, meaning you had to crouch to shoot him. Oddjob was a goddamn cheat character and should have been banned.

    3. And vented hard after failing a singleplayer escort mission one too many times.

    Rare / Via

    Natayla, please... fucking hack faster.

    4. Locked the butler in the fridge in Tomb Raider 2.

    Square Enix / Via

    Butle your way out of that.

    5. Nicked a win with a last minute shell on Mario Kart 64.

    Nintendo / Via

    You don't know hate until you've looked into the eyes of someone knocked out of first within view of the finish line.

    6. Or took a shortcut, but then didn't tell anyone else how to find it.

    Nintendo / Via

    There are two ways to play Rainbow Road on Mario Kart 64: the short way, and the wrong way.

    7. Tried your damndest to ditch Tails in Sonic 2.

    8. Threw the baby penguin off a cliff in Super Mario 64.

    Nintendo / Via

    9. Nicked a friend's copy of Nintendo Power for the walkthrough.


    The Water Temple isn't going to beat itself.

    10. Gave Gary a childishly ridiculous name when playing Pokemon.

    Scott Ramsoomair / Via

    And yet it was funny, every single time.

    11. Mowed down a bunch of Hare Krishnas in Grand Theft Auto. / Via

    Senseless massacres have never been so fun.

    12. Used a cheat cartridge for that *extra boost*.

    Game Genie / Via

    Why are there no cheat cartridges for life.

    13. Gave a less game-savvy family member a control pad that wasn't connected and told them they're playing.

    Somecallmemike / Via

    14. Used the Konami Code to mainline Contra.


    The Konami Code is less of a cheat, and more the only way to play Contra without losing your cool.

    15. Hogged all the goodies playing Streets of Rage.

    SEGA / Via

    Steel pipe weaponry? Mine

    Turkeys on full health? Mine.

    Final blow on the big boss for the points boost? Oh sure, you can have it, OOPS I DID IT BY ACCIDENT, HONEST.

    16. Recited this horrible catchphrase on the playground, assuming you were a SEGA baby.

    SEGA / Via

    If you weren't, you probably just threw a stick at anyone who said it.

    17. Nicked batteries from the television remote to power your Gameboy.

    Gudella / Getty Images / Via Thinkstock

    TV can wait. Mario comes now.

    18. Button mashed enemies to death with Eddie Gordo in Tekken 3.

    Bandai Namco Entertainment / Via

    You are not good at Tekken if you use Eddie Gordo.

    You are not good at Tekken if you use Eddie Gordo.

    You are not good at Tekken if you use Eddie Gordo.

    19. In fact, you probably just spammed the same move over and over again in any fighting game.

    Warner Bros. Interactive / Via

    Mortal Kombat's "low leg sweep into uppercut" was a great way to lose friends and break enemies.

    20. Then after all that button mashing, you promised your friend you wouldn't to use a fatality... before immediately using a fatality.

    Warner Interactive

    "Enjoy playing without your spine!"

    21. Caused havoc camping with the AWP sniper rifle in Counter Strike.

    Valve Corporation / Via

    Your opponents want you to get down there and fight like a man.

    Nah, you're cool. And they're dead.

    22. Gave in to gamer rage and broke your friends stuff.

    TV Tokyo / Via

    "I'm sorry I broke your controller/console/40k television/all the windows in your house."

    23. And finally, you definitely screen peeked.



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