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Here's How They Drink Guinness In Africa

Different recipe. Different enjoyment.

Over 40% of all Guinness sold is consumed in Nigeria.

Starting the weekend later with a chilled bottle of Guinness Nigerian Foreign Extra. Basics.

More than two million bottles of the stuff is sold every day on the continent.

Enjoying a Nigerian Guinness while watching the game #WorldCup2014

Which means Guinness is more popular in Nigeria than in Ireland.

The recovery meal for any Nigerian: jollof rice, goat stew, Heineken/Guinness and puff puff

Nigerian Guinness can be found over these shores as “Guinness Foreign Stout”. It’s also a lot stronger than its Irish cousin.

Diageo / Via Flickr: 72105154@N00 Creative Commons

Here's a classic Guinness advert that ran in Sierra Leone in 1968.

7.5% compared to the Irish version's 4%.

7.5% imported Nigerian Guinness! #Guinness #NigerianGuinness 🍀🍺😁

Nigerian Guinness differs in taste from its Irish counterpart too.

Getting on the old Nigerian Guinness!

A difference in roasting technique gives a darker colour and a more hops-like taste.

Guinness taste testing. Foreign extra vs. Nigerian Foreign extra @PerfectPintUK

This is partially because it uses sorghum, rather than barley to develop its flavour.

Having an Nigerian Guinness @EnishRestaurant . It's so peaty! Amazing! Does anyone know if Nigerian whiskey exists?

Meaning it has a peaty aftertaste and a strong roast flavour to it that some people prefer.

@FelicityMorse I tried Nigerian Guinness the other day, it was really rather good, much nicer than I've had in Ireland.

Here's what happened when we brought it into the Buzzfeed UK office to try.

daveshorty / reddit / Via

Drink up.

Resident Guinness expert Declan Cashin had this to say.

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

"The Nigerian Guinness tastes a little like a beer mixed Guinness in terms of strength and taste. It's not bad, exactly, but man, that aftertaste is a killer! I'm not sure how many pints of that I could leisurely drink, unlike the Irish one which is smooth and creamy."

The difference in aftertaste came up a lot from our lovely taste testers.


Flo: I like Irish Guinness but I thought this one was gross.

General consensus made it one to sip, rather than gulp.


Luke: It's definitely way stronger - you really KNOW that you're drinking it. Weirdly, and this is probably because of the cans, it tastes more similar to draft Guinness than i would have expected.

I'd rank it Irish Guinness on draft > canned Nigerian Guinness > canned Irish Guinness.

Except for the aftertaste. The aftertaste is pretty brutal.

Be on your toes if you find some. You might just like it.

Flickr: 59247791@N08 / Via Creative Commons
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