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23 Things DJ Khaled Does That Normal People Couldn't

All he does is win win win, he never stops.

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1. There's no one in the music business quite like DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled trying to pronounce jewelry is one of the funniest things I've ever seen

2. He's a true intellectual.

3. There's always something on his mind.

4. Nobody has mastered the moody Instagram shot quite like him.

6. Although it does mean it looks like he's suffering from one heck of migraine.

Why does all of DJ Khaled's album covers look like he forgot to take some tylenol for that headache

7. DJ Khaled has a way with the ladies too. / Via

He even proposed to Nicki Minaj once.

9. What makes all of this stuff better is that we still don't know what Khaled actually does.

10. We know he knows a lot of rappers.


12. We know he has a headphone brand like other big rappers.

13. We know he's on the phone to a lot of important people.

Doing the Apple music thing two years before Taylor Swift did.

14. He styles.

15. He profiles.

World Star Hip Hop / Via

16. He pours large bottles of champagne while UNDERWATER.

World Star Hip Hop / Via

17. He sinks one handed basketball shots and then takes shots at other rappers.

18. But all he seems to do on songs is say his name like a Pokémon and go "We the Best." / Via

19. He does take a lot of photos with laptops though.

20. So maybe he's hip hop tech support.

21. Either way, he's living the best life.

22. He wasn't lying when he sang "All I Do Is Win."

World Star Hip Hop / Via

23. So stay delightful Khaled. Keep on having fun.