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21 Rappers Hanging Out With Their Mums

Because everyone knows their momma is the true gangster.

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1. Rap stars hanging out with their mums is the best.

2. They always look so happy.

5. Action Bronson onstage with his mum is just perfect.

6. And Mac Miller is smiling so hard here. Dawww...

7. Wiz Khalifa with his mum Peachie Wimbush just makes our heart melt.

8. As does Snoop Dogg enjoying a hug with his mum.

12. How about some throwback photos? Young Jim Jones with his ma? NBD.

15. Baby Drake and his mum? Excuse us... dying.

16. Look how happy Big Sean is with his mum here. Sobbing yet?

17. What about Nicki Minaj's mum Carol enjoying Christmas with the family?

18. 2 Chainz and his momma rolled one up to celebrate his father's birthday. May he RIP.

19. Ludacris brought his mum to help him with a meet & greet. So sweet.

20. Rapper mums are great. Check out YG meeting Tupac's mum, Afeni Shakur.

All kinds of special.

21. And if that didn't set you off, how about this video of Kanye rapping with his late mother?

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We're not crying, it's just something on our eyes.