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    A Pub Should Always Have A Pool Table And This Is Why

    A pub without a pool table is just a shit living room.

    Pubs of Britain.

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    Stop getting rid of your pool tables.

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    We're so bored without them.

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    Pubs and bars are approximately 326x better with pool tables.

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    So stop replacing them with darts boards.

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    Or sodding table football.

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    Or the worst of you, when you give us that godforsaken YMCA entertainment form - table tennis.

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    It's enough to make us wanna do a murder in the loos.

    A pub without a pool table is just a shit living room.

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    Do you know why pool tables are great?

    Do you know the type of people who enjoy playing pool?

    Heroes, that's who.

    Ed Caraeff / Via Getty Images

    No one has fantasies about getting it on a ping pong table.


    There has never been a good scene about table football.

    NBC / Via

    NO ONE.

    Even Community couldn't do it.

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    Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

    Pool tables make all films and TV shows better.

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    Pint prices are already wrecking our bank balances.

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    So if landlords are trying to bore us into buying more drinks it's not working.

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    So get fucked with your cute signs.

    Your lack of serving plates.

    The chopping board is the least of it. Inside the Camden Hells can is... gravy. #WEWANTPLATES etc.

    And your posh crisps.

    And give us back our pool tables.

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