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This Is For Everyone Who Knows How Risky It Is To Steal Meat From The Pot

No one wants to get caught being a meat thief.

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1. Stealing meat from the pot is the most dangerous thing you can do in the kitchen.

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For the uninitiated, to steal meat from the pot means... to literally steal meat from the pot. The pot of stew is a stalwart of many an African-Caribbean kitchen and to steal meat from it is a food crime unlike any other.

Imagine stealing the final slice of pizza on a family takeaway.

Only it was the biggest slice.

Now times that by a thousand.

And you're still not even close.

2. It's a manoeuvre unmatched in difficulty.

My stealing meat from the pot skills were 10/10, I use to turn the tap on full blast to decoy the sounds of the pot rattling😂

3. Requiring hand-eye co-ordination skills.

Loooool yes!! 😂 forever stealing meat from the pot!


5. Situational awareness.

Me, When Im Stealing Meat From The Pot And I Look Around To See If Anyone's Behind Me

6. Expert memorisation.

After stealing meat from the pot, and you be trying to remember the exact position of the spoon like ⬇ "

7. Not forgetting the right combination of courage, composure, and sheer recklessness.

No point stealing meat from the pot if you're gonna steal a small one Mate you steal the biggest incase you get punished, it'll be worth it

8. Siblings can often get in the way when performing such a move.

9. In more ways that one.

How can I catch my brother stealing meat from the pot when I planned to steal meat myself. Kmt there's not enough meats for this

10. And if you get caught, be prepared to get the fuck out of there.

Getting caught stealing meat from the pot be like

11. Hide all evidence.

That crucial moment when you're stealing meat from the pot and mum walks in and you're just stuck there like...

12. Lest you find yourself victim to your parents' justice.

13. And spoil the enjoyment for everyone.

When your mum catches you stealing meat from the pot...

14. So here's to the rebels.

When I'm stealing meat from the pot I develop spidey senses, it's like I can hear my mums heart beat increase as she stands up, then I'm out

15. The movers.

Have you ever been up at 2am just with the intention of stealing meat from the pot??

16. Shakers.

When You Mum Clocks You Stealing Meat From The Pot And You Look At Her Like


17. And culinary risk-takers that make this highly coveted skill a reality.

Rahhhhhh my mum almost caught me stealing meat from the pot... I was almost a goner 😭😭😭😭

18. Stay safe.

NEVER STEALING MEAT FROM THE POT AGAIN This Is The Worst Burn I've Had On My On Inside Wrist Of All Places Imagine

19. And pray you never get caught.

when you get caught stealing meat from the pot & have to play it off.