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    A Guy Made Fun Of A Police Officer's Shoes And Now It's A Huge Meme


    1. It all started when Instagram user Young Busco asked this police officer one simple question about his shoes.

    2. Now, no one is safe.

    3. No part of your outfit is allowed to be slacking.

    4. Even children. The game knows no limits right now.

    5. Be sure to be on your toes if someone wants to ask you "one question."

    6. And you can't even find respite at school.

    7. Or even church.

    8. This guy did it to his own grandma.

    9. And now your favourite cartoons are getting put on blast.

    10. Homer's been getting in on it..

    11. Spongebob...

    12. That said, he's not above dishing it out himself.

    13. Peppa pig...

    14. Hey Arnold...

    15. Even Donald Duck...

    16. It almost makes you want to go out without shoes.

    17. Not you too Beyoncé?