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17 Times "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Got Way, Way Too Real

The show was good when it was funny. It was great when it was sad.

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1. When Jazz made this point in the courthouse.

2. When Will knew what to do when stopped by the police.

3. Before explaining to Carlton how racial profiling worked.

4. Remember when Carlton responded to a guy who accused him of "selling out"?

5. And the episode where Aunt Viv schooled Will on slacktivism?

6. There was also the episode where Janice brought a white boyfriend and interracial dating was addressed.

7. Not to mention the time Will made this subtle jab at ethnic casting.

8. Then there was the time Carlton took speed and fainted at prom.


9. Which resulted in Will giving an apology that gave us all lumps in our throats.


10. If that doesn't tip you over, how about when Will got shot?

11. The show also taught us about the realities of dating.

12. And let's not forget the time Veronica put Will in his place for catcalling.

13. Slowly Will learnt his lesson.

14. Remember when he explained to Carlton why he was going to marry Lisa?


15. Fathers were a big theme. Here's Will telling Carlton to visit Uncle Phil in hospital.

16. And finally, this. Never forget this moment.

17. We all cried.


Quick, back to happy thoughts before we all break down again.

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