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Seeing Double On 'Gilmore Girls'? You're Not Alone

After seven seasons and countless ABC Family reruns and Netflix binges, the cast of characters in 'Gilmore Girls' almost seem like family to us. But have you noticed that some of these fine folks look especially familiar?

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Alex Borstein

Gage Skidmore / Via

Borstein's ties with 'Gilmore Girls' start early. She was originally cast to play Sookie, but she backed out. Instead, she played the temperamental harp player Drella early in the series.

Later, she makes a reappearance as Miss Celine, the Gilmores' name-dropping fashion consultant.

(Also, fun fact, Borstein is married to Jackson Douglas, who played Sookie's husband and produce man Jackson on 'Gilmore Girls.')

Sherilyn Fenn

GabboT / Via

Back when they were looking into a 'Gilmore Girls' spinoff, Fenn sported short blonde hair and played Jess's dad Jimmy's girlfriend in California. Three seasons later, she made a return with brown hair as Anna Nardini, Luke's ex-girlfriend and the mother of their child, April.

Sean Gunn

Nick Holmes / Via

Gunn first appeared as Mick in the series' second episode as a DSL installer. Later in the first season, he is referred to as the 'Swan Man' before finally being introduced as Kirk-- the multi-jobbed, quasi-quarter millionaire.

Joe Fria

Warner Brothers / Via

Fria played a waiter during Sookie, Jackson, Lorelai, and Roone's double date in Season 1, and wasn't seen again on the series until Season 3, where he plays Sookie's old friend from culinary school who asks her out.

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