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5 New Beauty Products That We Lived For This Year

With the end of the year near, it's time to reflect back on the quality products that have come out in 2019. From the latest Jeffree Star Cosmetics launch to the rise of retinol-based products, there is a ton to boast about at the end of the decade. This is for the Editorial Fellowship.

carissadunlap3 2 months ago

31 Taylor Swift Lyrics That Literally Wreck Us

Before Taylor Swift became a pop icon, she was a girl with a guitar and a ton of stories to tell. The 10-time Grammy Award-winning artist has made herself into a household name with her confessional, relatable and carefully crafted songs that are chock-full of personal details. Think along the lines of public break ups, social media feuds and award show catastrophes. Grab a box of tissues because here are 34 lyrics from Taylor Swift's collection that completely hit us in the feels and more. This is for the Editorial Fellowship

carissadunlap3 2 months ago