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11 Things Your Dad Will Love As Much As His Corny Jokes

Here are the perfect gifts for the dads who love to laugh (at their own jokes).

1. The iArm to keep your dad "hands-free":

2. A very legitimate license plate for the dad who makes the same joke every time he gives you a ride:

3. Ditch the usual socks and sandals for these knee-high mosquito net socks:

4. Do Not Touch stickers for the thermostat:

5. This head pillow for "resting your eyes"...and definitely not for power naps:

6. This shower curtain that he will absolutely love and definitely be allowed to use:

7. For the dad who still thinks "LOL" means "lots of love":

8. A Bubble Wrap tie for the perfect combination of business and pleasure:

9. Make it rain for the dad who's "not made of money":

10. This mug to keep those dad jokes coming in hot:

11. And this applause button for when you aren't around to laugh at them:

Or you could get him a Father's Day gift he'll actually want from Carhartt.

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