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The Nine Things That Might Happen To You If Your Family Is Multiracial

Fun fact. I am adopted and growing up, people assumed a lot of different things about my family. Here are some of them.

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Fun fact, I am adopted. My family is very diverse. My younger brother and I are black, both of us where adopted from Haiti. My older brother is half Korean, my older sister is half Thai. We are all adopted. My parents are both Caucasian. Growing up was a good time. These are some of the mistakes that people have made about my family and they might make about yours if your family is multiracial.

1. After a certain age, people will start to assume that you and your family member are in a romantic relationship.

Whether it’s me and my dad, me and my mom, me and my brothers, or me and my sister, people always assume that we are a couple before they think relatives. It always grossed me out, especially when it was me and my parents.

2. People never believe you when you say, “Yes, that Asian looking boy is in fact my older brother.”

Everyone always believed that we were pulling a practical joke before they believed the truth. Even when we had the same freaking last name. (Granted, if you have a common last name like Johnson, that’s not always a great clue.)

3. Strangers want to defend by you when the strange woman or man starts disciplining you in public, never mind that they are your parents.

This was both hilarious at times and sometimes troublesome, but they always make for good stories.

4. You get strange looks in public when you are doing the most normal parent/child things.

I was on a daddy-daughter date with my dad, we went out for lunch after a soccer game. I swear like three different servers came by to check if everything was alright and if I needed anything more. I felt like I needed to reassure them that no, I had not been kidnapped. And no, he is not my boyfriend. (See #1 above).

5. You are never automatically connected to your siblings, so teachers formed their own opinions of you.

This was great for me since my older brother was a way overachiever, my older sister was normal, and my younger brother was a trouble maker. We were all like back to back in grades. I got to be my own person.

6. When you get lost, people would hesitate to hand you over when your parents finally came to get.

I noticed this one early on because like an idiot, I got lost at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I was 12 and the only two other lost kids in the room with me were these 4 and 5 years old little boys. I felt so stupid. So, when my parents came to pick me, I was ready to get out of there. The Disney World people just weren’t sure if they should let me go.

7. Your skills, tendencies, and abilities are always compared to your parents.

This might go back to the whole nature vs. nurture thing. I read so much, and so does my mother. But none of my other siblings do though. My older brother was very smart and analytical like my dad. We all had something in common with our parents. Teachers, bosses, parents of my friends always did this.

Them: Oh, you’re left handed. It’s probably because your dad is left handed.

Me: Yeah, but I’m adopted.

Them: (a variation of) Oh…

8. When you refer to family members, people always assume they are the same race as you. (I don’t blame them, but it still happens.)

Me: My brother is in the Korean club at school. He loves it.

Them: Why is he in the Korean club?

Me: (Nonchalantly) Because he’s Korean.

Them: (So confused) um…

Me: I’m adopted.


I always made this mistake. I always told people basic things about my family and forget that my family is not the norm. I would get confused at other’s confusion sometimes.

9. People who wander if your parents treated their ‘real’ kids better than you.

This was never an issue for me because me and all my siblings are adopted. I did have friends who got questioned on things like this. Truth is, this does happen. However, I’m only aware of it because of horror stories from other people.

So yeah, there you have it. The nine things that might happen to you if your family is multiracial. People don’t always understand how we go together and we may be unique, but I love my family. They are the best and craziest people I know in the world.

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