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Real Estate is the best market to enter! (Okay, we are probably a bit biased, but how can we not be?!) With great money, great flexibility, and the power to be your own boss, what more can one ask for? Before becoming a Real Estate Agent, however, here are 8 things you should know:

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1. Getting into real estate business isn’t a breeze but….


If you are a quick learner and you are willing to learn different techniques, accomplishing the requirements needed should not be too difficult.

2. The requirements


Before you can sell real estate, you need to get a California salesperson's license.

When you pass, the next step is to sign an employment contract with a broker. Why do you need a brokerage, you ask? Working with a broker is required by the state to be able to practice as a real estate agent.

3. More training (you will never stop learning!)


To become a successful real estate agent, a license is simply not enough. Agents need to know other essential information, like their local and national housing markets, and understand the true essence of finance and economics.

Agents must have great people-skills! To be a successful real estate agent, you need to learn how to properly negotiate, market, work with buyers and sellers, and learn how to use multiple listing services.

4. Have a cash reserve


You cannot count on any significant commissions the first year. Once you start successfully selling homes, it is still a good idea to have cash that will cover three to six months of living expenses, broker fees, marketing materials, and other business expenses.

5. Make a business plan


Determine goals that are measurable and achievable, such as:

• Choose an area to specialize in- whether it be condos, short sales, relocations, or other geographic areas to "farm."

•Determine your target market, then tailor marketing strategies and materials to this specific market.

•Set a budget and figure out how you can reach that goal.

•Promote yourself and keep up with the networking.

6. How much can I expect to make?


This depends on your target and market area, and this also depends on your own personal attributes. A strong, maybe full-time, salesperson can expect to make six figures and up, per year, while agents who are not as engaged in real estate can only make a few thousand dollars per year. Many people interested in becoming agents are just looking for a way to earn some more money.

7. Flexibility


If you have children, a part time job, your own business, or any other reason to create a more flexible schedule, real estate may be perfect for you. You can set your own schedule. And, you can take time off whenever you need to, as long as you are pulling your weight financially, of course!

8. Real Estate will NEVER cease to exist!

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Like anything in life, whether it be emotions, or the real estate market, everything fluctuates! But note that the market will never get as low as to putting you out of business. Even when the real estate market is down, this will still not prevent you from selling homes.

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