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7 Reasons Your REALTOR® Will Be The Most Important Person In Your Life you actually know the difference between a "quiet title suit" and a "quitclaim deed"?

1. When buying or selling a house, a REALTOR® takes on fiduciary responsibility. In other words, it's their job to protect you.

2. REALTORS® follow a Code of Ethics that other agents do not.

3. They aren't just hoping that you sign a home contract; they truly want to connect you to your dream dwelling.

4. They will listen to your wants, needs, and deal-breakers to guide you through the entire process without missing a beat.

5. Buying or selling a house requires a level of negotiating power that, honestly, they have MASTERED.

6. They will walk you through absolutely every part of the process and be there to help when you feel a little lost.

7. They can literally help you fulfill your dreams.

Illustrations by Son Tuyen Huynh © BuzzFeed

If you're buying or selling a home, a REALTOR® is the difference between a happy ending and a cautionary tale. Find the REALTOR® for you with the California Association of Realtors.