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10 Things You’ll Miss About Being A Cardiff Uni Student

Everyone thinks their university is the best, but Cardiff students know the truth.

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1. The emotional rollercoaster that is the Welsh Varsity


Every Cardiff student knows the competitive spirit that emerges during the April aka Varsity season. Whether you’re into sports or not, no student can resist dressing all in red and cheering on their favourite teams in the battle with Swansea for the Varsity shield. #CardiffUniPride

2. The selection of pubs and clubs


As well as the numerous clubs dotted around the city centre, you’ll no doubt find yourself finishing the term in the Taf in the Student’s Union at Drink the Bar Dry. Fancy challenging your friends in all the retro games? Head to Kong’s in town for a great night.

3. Picnics with friends


Students with an hours break in between lectures, head out to Bute Park or Alexandra Gardens to enjoy a picnic in the sun with friends. The flower beds and lawns make for beautiful spots to chat and get a little work done. If you don’t already miss this, give it time.

4. The student community of Cathays


With its abundance of pubs, takeaways, cafes, charity shops and affordable housing, Cathays is every student’s dream. Everything you desire is within a short walking distance, meaning you have the luxury of rolling out of bed right before the start of your lecture. While living here, it’s inevitable that you will attend one of Miskin Street’s infamous house parties and spend the morning after grabbing breakfast in one of the many delicious cafes.

5. Bumping into film crews on campus


The excitement of catching a glimpse of your famous actor in your university will never wear off. Whether it’s Sherlock or Doctor Who, you’ll miss getting in on the behind the scenes action of all your favourite TV shows.

6. Cardiff on match day


Whether you’re lucky enough to score tickets to the game, or if you’re watching on one of the big screens in Walkabout or O’Neills, the city centre is always busy. After an action packed game, hit the town for drinks, nightlife or Chippy Lane.

7. The cost of living


Wales has some of the lowest living costs in the UK. Saving money on accommodation, travel and food means more money for cocktails and fun. On top of this students don’t pay council tax, one of the many things you’ll miss about your time at university.

8. Affordable live music anytime, anyplace


You’ll never get bored of the live music on offer in venues like Gwdihw and Clwb Ifor Bach. Tickets are cheap, the music is phenomenal and the short walk home makes this an ideal weeknight treat.

9. The Cardiff University main building in all its glory


Whoever says studying is dull has never been a student in Cardiff. The grand architecture of the Cardiff University buildings are worth stopping to admire, because when you’re gone - you’ll miss it.

10. Loooooong holidays


At university, the breaks for Easter and Christmas are at least a month long. Better still, exams finish in June and students don’t begin lectures again until the end of September. With so much time free and such an exciting city to explore, it’s time to complete the Cardiff Bucket List.

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