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The Stages Of Revision

With exam period just around the corner it's time to start that dreaded revision cycle...

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1. So after alphabetising your DVD collection and arranging your clothes into shades of the rainbow you’ve finally sat down to crack on with some revision.

2. After 10 minutes of debating with yourself whether you’re actually going to revise from the comfort of your nice, warm bed, you head to your revision destination of choice.

3. Once there, you spend a few minutes organising your pens/highlighters/calculator/sticky notes and eat a banana, because you're sure someone said it was great brain food once...

4. Maybe you'll even plug in your extension lead (if you're at the library) because you're THAT legend.

5. You wait for the clock to hit an even number and then you’re off.

6. You highlight so much of your revision notes that there is no longer any white space and you start to forget which bits are important.

7. You try to resist temptation to get involved with the group chat that’s going OFF on Whatsapp and decide writing out your notes is the best option for you.

8. 20 minutes in, you get cramp in one hand and revert to a social media break.

9. Again, you give yourself until an even number strikes on the clock (you missed the last two chances because you couldn’t possibly start at 10:03) and then force yourself back to it.

10. By this point you’re so covered in paper you wonder if you’ll ever see your desk/the light of day again.

11. Another 20 minutes in and you find yourself browsing through your housemate’s, childhood friend’s, sister’s new boyfriend on Instagram.

12. After one whole successful hour you know that you’ve definitely earned a treat so it’s time to raid the fridge/ASSL vending machine (depending on your chosen destination) because this revision business is hungry work.

13. You’re feeling accomplished, unstoppable, empowered...until you realise it’s only 11 o clock and you have a whole day of this ahead of you.

14. Sigh and repeat.

Exam period can be a tough time, for hints and tips on how to get through dreaded revision you can visit our advice page here. Alternatively, if you need further support you can chat to our Student Advice team.

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