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    • CarbonIsAwhore

      So my first time living alone I had a near death experience. I lived in one of three trailers set up right next to (20 yards or so) some railroad tracks. My landlord lived in the middle trailer and a guy who was rarely ever home lived in the far trailer. One night a really bad storm rolled in while I was in the shower, and the sound of the wind howling drew me out of the bathroom in time to see the tree in the front yard outside my kitchen window bent over in half by the force. Next thing I knew, the entire trailer was rocking violently back and forth. I got in the bathroom doorway and held on for dear life, praying the thing didn’t flip. After an eternity the storm finally passed, and I went outside to see how bad the damage was to the neighborhood. As I looked down the row of trailers I was shocked to see the third trailer had been picked up and flipped over onto its roof. Luckily the guy was not there and no one was hurt, but as I was talking to my landlord the next day (he wouldn’t leave his house because he was on house arrest) he casually mentions that he NEVER GOT AROUND TO getting the flipped trailer anchored down, and asked me not to say anything. Oh, and not to worry because his and mine were done not that long ago so we would be fine. What the what?! I never saw the guy who had lived in that trailer to tell him. I think back a lot on how lucky my odds were that I had picked that particular trailer to live in.

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