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Do You Still Believe These 5 Diet Myths?

The 1950's called, they want their nutritional science back. Here are just a few of the things the filmmakers learned during the making of the upcoming documentary film, Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat.

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1. To lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more


This is the popular view of health. Usually encouraged by corporations looking to sell you some sports equipment. Sadly, "Eat Less" and "Exercise More" is also the same thing you would do if you wanted to WORK UP AN APPETITE! Check out what Jonathan Bailor wrote on Sara Gottfrieds blog

2. Eating fat raises cholesterol and makes you fat


The belief that eating fat makes you fat is an easily debunked myth. Fat storage is primarily a function of the hormone Insulin. Insulin is mainly released when we eat SUGAR (carbs become sugar once digested). The fear of fat stems from studies done over 50 years ago. Scientists like Ansel Keys and Jeremiah Stamler incorrectly ascribed weight gain and higher cholesterol levels to the consumption of fat. Here is more on that.

3. Whole grains are heart healthy


You had better don you headband and knee socks because this old chestnut comes straight out of the 1970's. In the early 70's some nutritionists started making the "Heart Healthy Grains" argument. The sad part is, scientists were never quite sure how the "health benefits" actually worked. Regardless, the USDA charged in with the food pyramid. Counter intuitively rates of heart disease have risen exponentially since we started eating a grain heavy diet. Here is more info about the many risks of a grain heavy diet.

4. It's all about counting calories


Also known as dieting for masochists! For many people, calorie counting is the name of the game. The math falls apart pretty quickly, as does the practice in the real world. The less you eat the hungrier you get...pretty much that simple. An added complication is that eating carbs while "dieting" stimulates the release of Insulin which ends up actually making you hungrier! So the quality of the calorie is more important. Bad calories (carbs and sugar) make you hungrier, good calories (natural fat for instance) make you less hungry. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt spoke about that here.

5. At least you are healthy if you are not overweight


Yikes! This is one of the most dangerous misconceptions out there. In this case seeing is NOT believing. Here is the thing. It's not that fat that you can see that kills you. It's the visceral fat...the fat inside and around your organs, that is lethal. Professor Jimmy Bell discovered that out of the 800 "skinny" people he scanned with an MRI, 40% of them had massive amounts of visceral fat – specifically fat infiltration of the liver. In other words, they looked thin on the outside, but they were FAT on the inside. FORTY PERCENT! That is one of the reasons you hear about normal weight people dropping dead from heart attacks. The fact of the matter is you wouldn't know a FAT person if you saw them.

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