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    All The Best Things To Grab At Walmart's Presidents' Day Sale

    Savings on home, kitchen, tech, and more.

    The Presidents' Day savings have begun at Walmart which means you can find great deals on everything from brand-name cleaning tech (think: Dyson!!), kitchen must-haves (Vitamix), style staples, and more.

    So, deep breaths, my friends, let's dive in to some of the killer steals you can grab at Walmart right now.

    1. A Dyson Omni-Glide vacuum aka the ultimate sign that you've made it as an adult. This might actually have you looking forward to cleaning day!

    2. Annnddd a Dyson air purifier your nose and skin are going to seriously thank you for. The air, especially in a big city surrounded by pollution, can cause so many health issues, so this is destined to be a great investment for you and everyone in your household!

    A modern air purifier in a living room with a person standing by the window in the background

    3. A Vitamix blender you'll come to use every single morning because it perfectly mixes up your yummy protein shake and keeps you nice and on time for the work day.

    Blender on kitchen counter with two glasses of smoothie next to it

    4. An LG flat screen currently at the top of my list of wants from this post. Not only is this baby perfect for your movie nights but it can also be used for top-tier gaming as well.

    LG UHD TV screen showing a surfing scene with app icons like Netflix, YouTube, and sports channels

    5. A gel mattress that will fulfill all of your fluffy bed dreams. You'll feel like you're cozying into a cloud instead of a basic bed every single night (or every single nap time).

    A modern bed with under-bed storage in a cozy bedroom setting with decor items

    6. A set of non-stick ceramic pots destined to be so handy during meal-prep Sundays! You can steam/boil your veggies while simultaneously pan-frying up your proteins, while also not causing tons of grease stains.

    Set of white kitchenware with pans, pots, and lids against a white background

    7. A high-pressure rain shower head complete with a hose that will make your morning showers feel like you're under an island waterfall. If your home is anything like mine, the water pressure is just NOT cutting it, so this baby will be a goldmine.

    Woman holding a showerhead with two different shower fixtures in the background

    8. A soundbar set to make all future movie nights as epic as ever! Imagine having this great sound while streaming Oppenheimer, or more importantly, The Eras Tour doc on March 15th??

    9. A jet-setter Michael Kors purse aka an amazing work bag to hold your laptop, journals, iPad, and maybe even your pre-made lunch! It's THAT spacious. (And it's 80% off!)

    Person holding a brown designer tote bag with a white long-sleeve top and white pants

    10. A three-pack of comfy leggings with a pocket to hold your phone or keys so you can wander around hands-free during your daily hot-girl walk.

    Three pairs of leggings in black, blue, and red displayed against a neutral backdrop. No people are in the image

    11. A robotic vacuum cleaner with remote and app control to take another chore off your plate so you can focus more on finishing that passion project you've been meaning to get to, instead of using time to do tedious home chores.

    Robotic vacuum cleaner with dustbin, remote control, and smartphone app interface

    12. An artificial olive tree plant that'll be a nice accent to any white space that may be missing a 'lil something in your well-decorated apartment.

    Faux potted plant next to a white cabinet in a modern room setting

    13. A mixer to take all the effort out of turning and turning and TURNING the cookie dough or brownie mix, plus make it smoother and perfectly blended.

    14. A medium-sized refrigerator that gets the job done, can hold your leftovers, and freeze your fave ice cream flavors, without taking up your entire kitchen space in a small studio apartment.

    Open refrigerator stocked with various food items on shelves and in drawers

    15. A compact built-in dishwasher that will be your lifesaver when you just cannot do another dish after your hands have been dried out by all the scrubbing with hot water and soap. Invest while it's on sale, people!

    Open dishwasher with plates, cups, and utensils on racks

    And that's just the beginning! More deals await during the rest of Walmart's Presidents' Day Savings!

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