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Stages of Watching Brazil vs. Germany, on Twitter

Basically, it's all Justin Bieber's fault. Also, #ThingsMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinningTheWorldCup is a sad, sad hashtag... for Leonardo DiCaprio.

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First, there was shock.


— FTBpro (@FTBpro) July 8, 2014

Everyone. Get out of Brazil now. Repeat. Get. Out. Of. Brazil. #dasgermans #BrazilvsGermany

— Michelle Beadle (@MichelleDBeadle) July 8, 2014

Twitter is indubitably covering the BRA v. GER match better than ESPN.

— Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) July 8, 2014

Then came in the World Cup nerds.

Interesting factoid: Brazil has not allowed 5 goals in an ENTIRE World Cup since 1998. They just gave up 5 in one half. #BRAvsGER

— T.J. Holmes (@tjholmes) July 8, 2014

This sums up the first half of #BRAvsGER pretty well:

— Ben Parr (@benparr) July 8, 2014

And then the jokesters arrived... which was pretty much the best part of the game.

Tears of laughter or sadness ensured, depending who you were rooting for.

If you love Leo and were rooting for Brazil, this was especially sad.


— Bustle (@bustle) July 8, 2014

There were Harry Potter jokes.

#ThingMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinningTheWorldCup Hagrid bursting down my front door and telling me that I'm a wizard

— Hogwarts Logic (@HogwartsLogic) July 8, 2014

Then there were ones that were maybe a little too real...

#ThingMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinningTheWorldCup Germany winning a World War

— British Logic (@BritishLogic) July 8, 2014

This explains everything.. #WorldCupProblems

— World Cup Problems (@WorIdCupProbs) July 8, 2014

Brazil's new flag. #WorldCupProblems

— World Cup Problems (@WorIdCupProbs) July 8, 2014

[Tweets] Round up of the best memes as Germany humiliates Brazil.

— Purely Football (@PurelyFootball) July 8, 2014

And then... it all made sense.

Brazil's brutally embarrassing loss to Germany is the gift that keeps on giving:

— E! Online (@eonline) July 8, 2014

...RIP, Brazil.

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