10 Stages Of Finding Out Your Ex Is In A Relationship

Everything that happens the second after you see the relationship status change.

1. Drinking

Oh, you have a new girlfriend? Meet my new boyfriend, vodka.

2. Food. So much food.

Because ice cream soothes a broken heart.

3. Adele

You listen to Someone Like You over and over and over…

4. Ice Cream

Looking exactly like this.

5. Sex and the City marathon

Because no one has experienced hurt like you and Carrie Bradshaw.

6. Bitching to your friends.

They hate your ex almost as much as you.

7. Facebook (obviously)

Must know who she is. Must be prettier than her.

Then you find couple pictures, vacation pictures, kissy pictures and get to…

8. Superiority

And that bitch has a lazy eye in her profile photo. Probably.

9. Realizing how amazing you are.

Well, you know… it’s true. So you turn off Adele and start listening to

10. Beyonce

Sasha Fierce always wins after a breakup. And so do you.

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