17 Ways You Grew Up New York Irish

You've probably never even been to Ireland. At this point, it's kind of its own thing.

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2. You always heard stories about how hard your grandparents had it growing up.


“On Christmas, their only present was a balloon. Sometimes it was their favorite color. Then they milked the cows.”

3. You have ancestors that came through Ellis Island.


And they are all saints according to your parents. “Your grandfather came over at 5 years old, alone, with $2 in his pocket. Think about what you were doing at 5.”

5. Your parents were born in New York, but also had it really rough growing up.


“I walked 10 miles to school, in the snow, with shoes that had no soles.” But Dad... you grew up on Long Island. In the 1970s.

16. You’ve been told you have a lot of relatives in Ireland... you just have no idea who they are.


The old family farm still has no running water? Gee, on second thought, I don't think I can make it to the reunion there next year.

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