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    22 Naughty Things The Elf On A Shelf Is Doing While You're Not Home

    Definitely on the naughty list.

    While you're at work you expect your Elf to be behaving at home...

    1. Here's what he's really doing...

    2. Real cute, Elf.

    3. Ha Ha... Very funny.

    4. Alright, enough with the pranks.

    5. C'mon. That's just gross.


    7. Wait... Are you throwing a party?!

    8. How did you affor -- OH MY GOD.

    9. I expected more from Spiderman.

    10. In the kitchen?! Really??? We eat there!

    11. How classy.

    12. Gross! Get out of my bed!

    13. ELF! This is getting out of hand.

    14. Not Barbie!

    15. What are you doing with a knife?

    16. What kind of party is this?!

    17. What the... Let Snow White go!


    19. How could you!

    20. Thank goodness for the action figures...

    21. See you later, Elf.

    22. Elf in 30 years to life.