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    Rage Against The X Factor Campaign Needs You

    Us Brits are sick of the X Factor (our American Idol)...for the last 4 years we have had our Xmas number 1s dominated by the winners of the reality show. Well no more!! A huge Facebook campaign is underway to conquer the charts with Rage Against The Machine's awesome 1992 hit, Killing in the Name. Please, please, please if you care about music, if you care about hard-working performing artists everywhere, if you care about Britain and the souls of its inhabitants - hell, even if you just care about sticking it to 'the man' go to the Facebook page, show your support and buy the song. If you want a UK Christmas number one we can remember, be proud of and not some poor pop pap puppet sing a cover of a still lukewarm Miley Cyrus 'hit' please support this campaign and buy the single from the approved sites. So...yeah...Simon Cowell - Fuck you I won't buy what you sell me!