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Because Dogs In Tuxedos

Why? Might as well ask why pizza bagels pair so well with red wine. .

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1. Minimalist Tux

2. Fancy Tux

3. "Crazy Eyes" Tux

4. Casual Tux

5. Spring Time Tux

6. Full Tux

7. 4 A.M. Tux

8. PBR Tux

9. Wishbone Tux

10. Etsy Tux


11. Happy Tux!


12. Baby Tux

13. Corgi Tux

14. Handsome Devil Tux

15. "The Best Man" Tux

16. El Güey Tux


17. Mogwai Tux

18. Opera Tux

19. Humidity Tux


20. "Uncle Frank" Tux

21. Drunk Tux


22. Vintage Tux

23. Scottish Tux

24. Huggy Bear Tux

25. Lowcountry Tux

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