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    • captk

      Maybe we should differentiate a bit here between people who are being sexist and people who are simply being assholes. Sexism is discrimination, unequal treatment, or blanket judgement based purely on someone’s sex. Being an asshole is making a rude or inappropriate comment meant to hurt someone - that comment may or may not be related one’s gender in context. Most of the comments above are people being assholes to women, which while not OK, is not the same thing as being “sexist”. For example: “You’re too pretty not to need a calculator” - That’s a sexist comment, because there’s a presumption she’s not smart due to her gender. Men rating women out of 10, catcalling, shouting “MILF”, etc - These are people being assholes. That’s not acceptable behavior and is certainly deplorable, but it’s not “sexism” by the definition. I think our society uses the word “sexist” as a bludgeon and a label (yes, most of the time against men), and if we want to make progress against actual sexism (unequal pay, etc), we need to understand the thing we’re fighting against and discuss it appropriately.

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