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Top 11 Game Series That Need A Sequel

Sometimes instead of a remake, some game series deserve and need a long awaited sequel.

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  • Alex Kidd

    I am sick of Sonic. Bring back the original monkey boy and let him kick some Janken ass!

  • Cannon Fodder

    Hands up those that used to get frustrated and would quit the game if you lost either Jops or Jools?

  • Crusader

    A dude that looks like a red Stormtrooper, blowing shit up, and killing everything in sight with various horrific weapons. How has there only been two games in the series?

  • Elite

    For such an rich and in-depth gameworld, the DOS version of the game weighs in at a hefty 96Kb. The manual on how to actually play the game? Over 3Mb.

  • Golden Axe

    Forget that Beast Rider game. We want Ax Battler, Gilius Thunderhead and Tyris Flare together doing what they do best: kicking some evil warlords ass.

  • Space Quest

    If only Telltale Games could get the rights to this, we would probably already have a new adventure from everyones favourite video game janitor.

  • Syndicate

    Such a classic game, that is yearning for a sequel, yet EA continue to just sit on the series and do nothing.

  • Ultima

    Hurry up and make a a sequel that eliminates the last two from canon. Damnit.

  • Wing Commander

    One of the most successful space shooter series of all time, and we get this? I don't care if it is a sequel to the main series or Privateer... just give us something.

  • Wonderboy

    In keeping with tradition of the series, it doesn't even need to retain the same main character... so why hasn't Wonderboy made a comeback yet?

  • X-COM

    "Let's imagine one of the definitive squad-based strategy games, and make it a FPS with little to no strategy." Wha???