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Horrifying Recurring Theme In 80's Cartoons

Cartoons these days cover a variety of subjects, but there is only one subject that 80's cartoons dealt with better than any other decade. Genocide!

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  • ALF

    ALF was set before the TV series, in which Gordon Shumway explained that his planet exploded. So all of those family members you get to know? Dead.

  • Denver: The Last Dinosaur

    Once again, he is the last of the dinosaurs. It doesn't even want to be subtle about it.

  • Dino Riders

    A small group of 400 humans flee from their conquered homeworld into Earths prehistoric past. 400!

  • Disney's Gummi Bears

    Where exactly are all the other Gummi Bears? The show says they fled the land. Sure.

  • Smurfs

    Gargamel was constantly trying to eat them, or at least do something to them. Either way, the villian wanted to wipe out the title characters.

  • Thundercats

    Aside from the Thundercats themselves, everyone else from their planet of Thundera are killed in the first episode.

  • Transformers

    Where do I start? How about Unicron eats planets full of robots!

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