16 People Who Aren’t Quite Ready For Adventure

At least they’re out there. Do you have aspirations of becoming a professional adventurist? Sure you do. Well, don’t get discouraged when things don’t go your way. And check out the adventures of Captain Morgan on his YouTube page - you know, for inspiration.

1. Maybe he's feeling a little adventurous tonight, and he set out to cause some mayhem.

Nice try.

2. Props on finally working up the courage to ride this huge hill!

But…maybe don’t do it again.

3. It's understandable that you'd want to do a simulation before the real thing, sure.

But this is ridiculous.

4. Man, if that had landed, he'd be riding off into the sunset right now.

…but it didn’t, and he’s not.

5. Conquer your fear of the vast open sea, they said!

Nothing will go wrong, they said!

6. Bested by the bouncy ball again.

Maybe next time!

7. Think you can make a jet ski fly? Sure you can!

Follow your dreams!

8. One must never underestimate puddles.

They are an adventurer’s silent nemesis.

9. If you're going to parkour your way through life, then you should, at the very least, practice with squishy buildings.

You’re getting there.

10. If he can't even master the use of a segue, there's very little hope for the success of his adventures.

It’s an extremely intuitive form of personal transportation. Come on.

11. She immediately regrets this decision.

Too late. You’re in it, now.

12. "Off to explore the unknown!" he bellowed.

and soon after - “Nevermind!”

13. One has to wonder what the best case scenario was supposed to be, here.


14. The enthusiasm is appreciated.

But ultimately for nought.

15. Know your limitations!

Make sure you’ve got a trough of stagnant water to break your fall!

16. Parkour is timeless.

In every generation there are those who strive for greatness but don’t quite make it. Learn from your elders.

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