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15 Things You Didn't Know About 15 Captains, Commanders And Conquerors

Captains of armies, captains of ships - you know these guys. But you probably didn't know this stuff. Check out the Captain Morgan YouTube page to keep up with the adventures of Captain Morgan, who was an actual guy.

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2. Hannibal Barca


Sure, he was undefeated against the Romans - being so successful that they even put his strategies to use. BUT DID YOU KNOW: When he was a child, his father held him over the roaring fire of a sacrificial chamber and made him swear to never be a friend to Rome.

4. Attila the Hun


Sure, he was the leader of the Hunnic Empire and was known and feared for his relentless cruelty. BUT DID YOU KNOW: He was buried in a coffin of gold, which was then put in a coffin on silver, which was then put in a coffin of iron. When the men who buried him returned from the burial ground, they were killed, because no one is allowed to know where Attila is buried.

5. William the Conqueror


Sure, he led the Norman invasion on England, which was the last time that a foreign power successfully did so. BUT DID YOU KNOW: Always a fit man, he was touchy about his weight later in life since he had noticeably ballooned up. He invented a diet where he'd only drink wine and spirits. When he died, his coffin was too small, and when they tried to stuff him into it, he exploded. Seriously.

6. Genghis Khan


Sure, he founded the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in history. BUT DID YOU KNOW: He was born holding a blood clot in his fist, which apparently was a sign of great leadership skills.

8. Francois L'Ollonais


Sure, he was arguably the most successful pirate when it came to land attacks. BUT DID YOU KNOW: After being captured by the Spanish, he was burned alive, cut into pieces, and eaten by cannibals. Allegedly.

10. William Kidd


Sure, he's the most famous privateer-turned-pirate in Scotland's history. BUT DID YOU KNOW: One of Kidd's old shipwrecks was found in the Dominican Republic in 2007 by an Italian tourist, just 10 feet under clear blue water.

12. Blackbeard


Sure, he captured a ship which became his flagship "Queen Anne's Revenge," the most famous pirate ship known today. BUT DID YOU KNOW: He would put slow-burning fuses in his hair and beard during battle. This would create a cloud of smoke around him, and was used as a dumb but effective intimidation tactic.

13. Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts


Sure, he set a record for most ships plundered, at over 400. BUT DID YOU KNOW: He didn't actually want to be a pirate. He was forced into it. And he was better than everyone.